How is the bathroom too small?

Release time:24-05-2019

Whether it is a single family or a renter, in general, […]

Whether it is a single family or a renter, in general, people living in small apartments will be small and troublesome for the bathroom, space is small, and there are many private clothes to be placed. Is there any good way? Method 1: Make good use of the corner rack bathroom space is not enough, it does not matter! You can use the corner space, add a corner rack or nail a layer of a triangular layer on the wall, you can use the bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, changing clothes... layered. It's easy to solve the problem of too narrow space. However, it should be reminded that the bathroom space is too humid, and the laminate or shelf placed in the bathroom, if it is a wooden or iron frame, it is best to have moisture-proof treatment, or use a more convenient pressure-sensitive material. Method 2: The space on the toilet can also make more use of the space above the toilet. It is also often overlooked by ordinary people, but it is one of the spaces that small bathrooms can make good use of. Special racks placed above the toilet can also store different items in separate compartments. Moreover, at present, such simple racks have an increasingly common trend, and the purchase is quite convenient, and is sold in large supermarkets, and the price is also very cheap.China Ceramic Cartridges Manufacturers