How to do the faucet half cut off in the water pipe

Release time:12-09-2019

1. If it is broken in the wall water pipe, the most com […]

1. If it is broken in the wall water pipe, the most common way for the decorators is to find a small saw blade, and the wire buckle inside the water pipe is made into several small pieces, and then the screwdriver is used to fit the hammer from the outside to the inside. Drop it out. It should be noted that the faucet interface is generally Bathroom Faucets Manufacturerscopper, which is relatively hard. When cutting the gap, do not be too deep, so as not to damage the threaded teeth on the inner wall of the tee.
2. If there is a tee in the broken part of the faucet, you can directly melt the old tee tube with a fuser and replace it with a new one. Then you can buy a faucet and install it. The operation cost of the decoration master is about 100. Can get it.
3, that is, the most simple and straightforward method, buy a renovated broken-head screw extractor on the Internet or hardware store. The thread take-up is screwed into a threaded thread that is broken in the water pipe. Then use a wrench or pliers to fix the outer edge of the wire take-up, slowly screw it in clockwise, and screw it out counterclockwise, which is very convenient.
The faucet installed in the decoration generally does not have its own water control function. Every time the dish is washed and washed, the water is splashed everywhere due to the pressure. It is very inconvenient because it is small and has no scrubbing impact. At this time, you can install a 360-degree rotating faucet shower water-saving device, which is placed on the faucet. It is easy to solve the problem of water splashing and to ensure the impact of washing things.