If you have a leaky bathtub and shower faucets

Release time:10-01-2019

If you have a leaky bathtub and shower faucets or drop, […]

If you have a leaky bathtub and shower faucets or drop, it's time to replace. It sounds simple, but there are a few factors that need to be looking for, and to change. Suggested here, the bathtub faucet according to the choice is an easy task. Water faucet, let water use to control the pipeline method. There are two general bath or three faucets. When the washing machine becomes stiff, when they start to leak or leak. Water pressure will accelerate the process. In the old design, faucets or rubber gaskets. In the new system, the use of washing machines, it is always a need to buy the right faucets. There are many sizes and styles of faucets. When you need to replace a faucet, it is necessary to make use of the hole center to the center of the exact measurement method. Style is optional, but size is very important, and you need to have the right tools toBathtub Faucets Suppliers replace a Discount Faucets. There are a wide variety of pipe wrench. Square nuts or open-ended wrench are ideal because they have a smooth jaw. If you don't want to damage the surface of chrome, then you can go to the wrench. If you need a small diameter pipe clamp. Usually two pipe clamp and other requirements. When installing the bathtub faucet behind the wall to see the faucet assembly. Generally speaking, construction workers will provide a connection panel after the bath. Read the installation instructions 2 or 3 valve faucet assembly. This is the general procedure to replace the wrong faucet.

First, turn off the water supply. You can turn off the main supply of the whole house.

Remove the handle under the Bathroom Accessories Sets. Pat or light. Overtime process may be welded stem. So don't force it. If it does not come out, gently handle the special.

Next, trim and stem assembly. Stem assembly to control Bath Faucets Suppliers the water and temperature of the bath tub. Use a socket wrench to remove the bathtub assembly.

Now check the washing machine. If it is torn or brittle, the cause of drip irrigation. Washing machine and stem replacement.

Check seat. If they are rough, then they need to be replaced. Use a wrench to remove its seat.

When you need to change, stop. Lubrication prevents thread, washer and nut threads. Then slide back and tighten the nut.

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