Integrated water heater, what is the integrated shower screen?

Release time:10-05-2019

First, easy to get an electric shock, not safe! The hum […]

First, easy to get an electric shock, not safe! The human body is in direct contact with the stainless steel case, and you know the danger! Some customers said, "I would rather not take a shower, don't use it! Don't take life to joke!"
Second, the power is large, the fault is many, and the technology has been immature. The integrated shower screen can't change the basic heating principle of high power and hot type. In winter, not only the hot water volume is very small, but also because the power load (up to 8800 watts) is too large and the power is cut off, the user experience is very poor! There are many complaints and a low rate of return. This is also the reason why the traditional instant electric water heaters on the market have been eliminated. At present, the shower screen water heater is nothing more than a hot water heater for a coat (the bottom adds a so-called heat backwater system), continue to lie to consumers. If you don't believe it, after three years, the agent will suffer, and the consumer regrets!Bathtub Faucets Suppliers from China
Third, occupy space. Domestic bathroom space is not large, so rational use is very important. The shower screen itself takes up more space, the base takes up a square area, and more importantly, it forms a half-square sanitary corner!
Fourth, it is difficult to clean. Stainless steel shower screen itself is easy to dirty, not clean! The base is dirty and dirty, and there is an unpleasant smell in the day when it is not clean! This makes the people who bought it regret it! ! !
Five, wasting water! waste time! Clean the shower screen every day, clean the chassis, waste water, waste time, waste energy!
Sixth, the amount of water is unstable, hot and cold! The winter is too small to use, and the woman can't even clean her hair.
Seven, the shower head is alkaline, easy to block, easy to break! Not clean!
Eight, stepping in the bath is not easy to touch, fall! There are security risks! There are old people and children at home, stepping on the stage to take a shower, it is easy to fall, very dangerous! There is a user who has fallen over the old man, smashed his scalp, and found compensation in the store for a return.
History has proved many times: for the sake of short-term interests, making money with conscience, sooner or later abandoned by the market!