The public bathroom is equipped with a camera

Release time:29-11-2018

The public bathroom is equipped with a camera. A female […]

The public bathroom is equipped with a camera. A female teacher from a primary school in Ji'an County found a pinhole camera on the Yuba in the public bathroom. According to the investigation, the camera actually sneaked for a year and a half. Many pinhole cameras can now fake some of the everyday items. Such as lighters, tissue boxes, body washes, etc. So how do you check the pinhole camera? How to protect your privacy?

Yuba found the camera

On the evening of November 11, a female teacher from a primary school in Ji'an County, Jiangxi Province, felt that the bath in the public bathroomBathtub Faucets Suppliers was not right. I found that there were red dots on it. I carefully saw the traces of the holes outside the Yuba. I saw that there was a camera inside. After that, I looked at the Yuba in the school's other public baths, all of which had drill marks and found two cameras. Through the relevant clues provided by the insiders, the police quickly locked the suspected man and found a large number of videos on the suspected man’s mobile phone. Through the men's mobile video, I learned that men have been stealing public baths since September 2017. The men have been detained by the police.

Related personnel took out the camera

It’s hard to prevent such a sneak shot. So how dofaucet ceramic cartridge  we check if there is a pinhole camera? The pinhole camera is most likely to be placed on a lighter card, a pendant, a plug-in socket, a watch, a fire smoke detector, a tissue box, a body wash, a beverage can, a shoe upper, etc. The place. These are the objects that are easily put on the pinhole camera when the hotel is in the hotel. In fact, there are some public places that are also easy to be equipped with cameras, such as bus station seats, shopping carts in large supermarkets, flyovers and other escalators. You can search the Internet for ways to prevent you from being photographed in public places and protect your privacy.

Camera hidden in Yuba

The public bathroom is equipped with a camera. This camera has been installed for a year and a half, and has not been discovered. It can be said that the person who sneak shots is really "pervasive." Therefore, we should protect our privacy, especially female friends, to learn more about this knowledge and methods.