What is the pressure faucet?

Release time:20-06-2019

working principle: At the outlet of the faucet, the “pi […]

working principle:
At the outlet of the faucet, the “pipe flow” of the water is changed to “line flow”, and then the “line flow” is changed into “jet flow” by the pressure of the air. After the pressure of the air, the water is powered and reduced. The flow of water also increases the pressure of the water stream.
It can easily replace the ordinary filter device in the original faucet spout and can match the international standard size faucet. Properly installed water-saving devices will allow users to experience huge differences before and after use in a short period of time: reduced water bills, reduced energy consumption, and increased water pressure.
The water-saving device reduces the original multi-layer steel wire mesh, can effectively prevent the accumulation of dirt, eliminates the possibility of bacterial growth, and is equipped with a patented wrench for easy disassembly and cleaning, and effectively maintains the human body while saving water and energy efficiently. health.Shower Rotation Faucets Manufacturers
Performance introduction:
1. Water saving energy can be as high as 50%
2. The air flow rate increases the flow rate of water, avoiding the disadvantages of similar products only limiting flow and losing water flow scouring force, ensuring people's use requirements.
3. Water flow can be adjusted, the optimal flow rate is 3-5L/min
4. All parts are made of antibacterial materials that are harmless to the human body.
5. Simple structure and durability
6. No need to add a filter screen to reduce the chance of bacterial growth
7. Equipped with patented wrench, easy to disassemble and clean, easy to clean
8. It is especially suitable for the heating and heating of instant water electric water heaters and small power kitchen treasures.