Bathtub hair stopper

Release time:23-08-2019

I’ve used the TubShroom ($13) for almost two years now. […]

I’ve used the TubShroom ($13) for almost two years now. It is, by far, the best tool I’ve used to prevent hair from clogging the bath tub drain. I’ve always had long, thick, dark hair and clogging shower stalls/bathtubs has been a perpetual problem I’ve dealt with…until now!

The design is very clever. The TubShroom sits inside your drain with the top half inch or so rising above tub-level. Water goes through the holes on the inner column of the TubShroom while leaving space to catch hair and gunk. And yes, like any other hair-catching tool, it must be manually emptied into the trash can periodically. But the process is the easiest and cleanest one I’ve had to do China Shower Panel Manufacturersin my years of using various hair-collecting drain tools. I’ve tried all the others. The large plastic/metal covers with holes in them (or even worse, convex hills) get kicked around the tub and hair simply slides underneath them into the drain (especially if you have a tiled shower floor). And gathering up the hair that collects around the floor of your shower/tub is gross. The simple mesh strainers seem like a good idea, but they quickly get impregnated with soap scum that requires solid scrubbing to clean and get water through.

I don’t think the Amazon reviews are as high as they should be; it seems the top complaints are 1) the Tub Shroom not working in non-standard drains; and 2) that it needs to be emptied. To remedy this, make sure you have the metal “X” inside your drain that the tool sits on before purchasing. And as for emptying, I used to have to clean out other drain tools every time I showered to prevent myself from ending up in a puddle. With the Tub Shroom, I can now empty it every 4-5 showers, which is a vast improvement.