Shower Rotation Faucets

Release time:30-08-2019

A rotary shower faucet comprising: a base having a cond […]

A rotary shower faucet comprising: a base having a conductive main passage and a secondary passage therein, the main passage being engaged with a flow dividing mechanism, the front surface of the base being fixed near the topShower Rotation Faucets Suppliers and the auxiliary tunnel The connecting pipe is connected to a receiving portion at the other end, the receiving portion has a ladder-shaped groove between the openings, and the receiving portion is provided with a rotating mechanism, and the rotating mechanism is pivotally connected to the rotating water seat. The two sides of the base are respectively provided with an engaging opening that is electrically connected to the main hole, and the engaging opening is fixed to both ends of an annular water outlet pipe, and a pivoting portion of a half round arm is arranged on the back of the base, and the pivoting The portion is engaged with a joint. In addition to the function of adjustable water outlet angle, the utility model also has the function of selecting static and dynamic water outlet modes.