Ergonomics can also be used in contemporary

Release time:16-11-2018

Ergonomics can also be used in contemporary bathroom de […]

Ergonomics can also be used in contemporary bathroom designs. If you are renovating or planning to redesign your bathroom, here are 10 practical tips and how to avoid mistakes. This will ensure that your bathroom has both functionality and style.

1, improve the sink height
When designing a bathroom, we spend a lot of time thinking about the length and depth of the sink and dresser, and important height factors are often forgotten. Modern people are taller than ever, so the standard bathroom vanity of the past 85 cm height is not suitable. In fact, some washstands are now designed to be up to 1 meter high.

Bathroom with function and shape. (Hausa / Epoch)
If you or your family is tall and a sinking sink, be sureChina Shower Panels Suppliers  to consider raising the sink height. However, if you want to put the wash basin on the sink, the height should be low, otherwise the wash basin will be high and uncomfortable to use.

2, the location of the bath and shower faucet

Bathroom with function and shape. (Hausa / Epoch)
Have you ever experienced the need to be wet by the shower faucet when opening the shower faucet? This common design flaw usually comesbath faucets  from the shower faucet being placed too close to the shower head – sometimes even below it. To avoid getting wet with water, try setting the faucet on the opposite wall of the shower head.

3, leave a certain space between the edge of the sink and the faucet
When you wash your face with your head down, your forehead hits the tap and you will understand why the size between the sink and the spout is important. Avoid pairing long taps with short sinks with the goal of having at least one head length between the sink edge and the faucet. And when you turn on the bathroom faucet, it will also reduce the amount of water you are splashing.

4, groove wall hanging sink
Similarly, some of the hanging cabinets on the washstand may be causing you to inadvertently collide with the "murderer", especially when the door is opened. Therefore, the use of the inner wall cabinet, the cabinet is cleverly embedded in the wall, flush with the wall, will reduce the head impact. Tip: If there is not enough space, consider using a sliding door in the cabinet above the washstand.

5, use the drawer to avoid deep cabinet
Drawers are better than cabinets. Opening a drawer and seeing the content at a glance is easier than groping in the depths of a dark cabinet. Drawers can have many different designs and depths to accommodate all toiletries. Tip: Make sure your cabinet manufacturer uses materials that can withstand high humidity.

6, clean design
The design of the bathroom must consider the ease of cleaning. The wall-mounted dressing table and sink are very convenient for washing dust and mop cleaning, so the hanging toilet has also become a bathroom design trend.

7, cleverly placed towel rack
For your safety and comfort, to avoid slippery floors, you must ensure that the wet and dry areas are separated. One of the easiest ways is to place the towel rack close to the shower or bathtub, not on the other side of the bathroom. . It should be easy to get, and far enough away from the shower to keep the towel dry.

Tip: If you put the towel rack in the bathtub or shower near the bathroom, consider using a wall hook. Do not exceed one arm length in the shower or bath so that you can easily get the towel without getting wet.

8, the position of hanging toilet paper
We all tried the feeling that it was difficult to get a toilet paper roll behind it. For your own comfort, it is best to place the reel next to the toilet.

9, design some benches in the bathroom
People usually don't think of the bathroom as a place to rest, but if you add a comfortable bench, you will be amazed at how often it is used. The bench in the bathroom can be used for more than just sitting: the seat can be an ideal place for people to rest, or to place a towel, or to show potted plants or to light some candles as you relax in the bathtub.

At present, many bathroom designs begin to expand the bathroom seats. Seats come in many forms, from basic chairs or stools to stone stair seating. This has become a basic facility for every bathroom.

10, heating and heating
The bathroom is a great place to install some heating and it will definitely bring you comfort. A heated towel rail is a good choice – especially if your bath towel is dry and slow. The heat of the ceiling and the heating under the tiled floor are also the fashion of today's bathrooms.