“In family life, which space do you think

Release time:09-11-2018

“In family life, which space do you think is particular […]

“In family life, which space do you think is particularly important but easily overlooked?” The answer to the bathroom account exceeded the reporter’s expectations. Indeed, when getting a new house or second-hand house to prepare for renovation work, the customization of the bathroom is often overlooked by most people. Especially in the small-sized space, there is less space for the bathroom. When the shower room, the toilet and the sink are crowded together, if it is not handled properly, the sense of use in the future will be greatly reduced. }

Be aware of an ideal bathroom. We can welcomebath faucets  you every morning and relax the tired body after work. The design of the bathroom will directly affect our living standards. In order to let everyone enjoy the more suitable home life in a small space, today's reporters give everyone Share some dry goods about the small space bathroom.
Three different bathroom structures are divided into rectangular, fan-shaped, and diamond-shaped shower rooms.

First of all, the bathroom structure for small spaces can be roughly divided into three types, namely square, rectangular and irregular. If you want to make the space design more integrated, make the bathroom look more neat, orderly, and clearly defined. The reporter interviewed Yang Jixiong, a custom designer of Rose Island Quanwei. He told reporters that for these three simple bathroom designs, the square shape usually has a wall at one of the corners of the house. Three types of shower rooms, diamond type, curved shape and square shape, can be considered. They all occupy only one of the four corners of the room, and the remaining two are the placement of the toilet and the bathroom cabinet, just forming three partitions, so that the subspace appears more orderly. If the unit is rectangular, it will generally adopt a type of screen, including opening and sliding doors. In the rectangular apartment, the short wall will generally have a width of one meter and five. If the shower room and the toilet are placed on the short wall at the same time, the diamond shape, the square shape, etc. will be very cramped and will always be scared. To either of them, there is a feeling that it can't be stretched, so at this time you can choose to use a word screen to divide, the innermost position is the shower room. The toilet can be placed in the middle position, covered with a bathroom cabinet, and can also be used as a storage shelf to expand the space and improve the utilization rate, so that the space seems to be more coordinated and integrated.

For the irregular bathroom, you can consider the choice of fan-shaped and diamond-shaped shower rooms. According to Chen Zhimin, custom designer of Rose Island Quanwei, the space utilization rate of the shower room in the form of fan shape and diamond shape. The upper is relatively high, and can be slightly modified according to the position of the irregular space, so as to more rationally utilize the space to maximize.

Bright colors enhance visual effects Wall-mounted bathroom units save space

In addition, for small-sized bathroom color, you can boldly use white, red, black and other colors for segmentation, such as green mosaic walls, white sanitary ware, rose shower curtains, wooden barrels and sinks. The impact of such a strong color combination makes the small space bathroom not crowded. What is important is that the bright color has a visual expansion function.

Wash basins, toilets and shower rooms are the three "pieces" necessary for the bathroom. Even in the small space bathroom, the "three big pieces" are the same. We can choose wall-mounted faucets, wall-mounted washbasins, in-wall toilets and bidets, and wall-mounted showers, so that more floor space can be left and it is easier to clean. Similarly, the small bathroom can also have a bathtub in all circumstances, and the fan-shaped front bathtub is a good choice. The occupied wall area is small, and the smooth and round curve shape can reflect the design sense and unique vision.