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Release time:14-02-2019

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From the question can learn that you have not studied the market in India. If you are thinking of launching it, then it is wise to do bit of home work and prepare well before plunging into the market. Traditional market is through the channel of stockist / distributors and your own sales managers (whom you can hire from the market being experienced in the field) and start selling generating orders. A marketing manager shall help you to create necessary marketing material to make it a visible brand and choose a ‘sales pitch’ that attracts customers from other products to yours. Marketing manager can also suggest specific campaigns through premium retail stores. Marketing surely costs some money, without which selling your product would be a challenge with otherShower Panel Manufacturers brands being visible in the market for long time. You can also do a method of ‘deep discounting’ which means offer more margins to distributors based on the volume of buying who try to push newer products through their own effort. This is the traditional existing form of business. The new form is doing it online, where easiest is becoming seller of existing companies (Amazon, Flipkart etc.,) you can also study other similar products / pricing and offer yours. In addition, you can also launch your own website (1 - 3 Lakhs budget) where you can alsoChina Shower Panel Manufacturers get orders & online payments set-up. Digital marketing (Facebook, Google etc.,) is a modern method which has become expensive in recent times, helps to bring some traffic, you would need an expert to guide correctly, else you end up spending without much of returns. You would need passion & patience to slowly build the market, which is possible as Indian consumers are continuously buying more with economy growing, makes sense to put in your effort. All the best.