I was a pre-adolescent girl with two older sisters

Release time:25-01-2019

A2A but I’m going anonymous because I’m answering a sli […]

A2A but I’m going anonymous because I’m answering a slightly different question—rather than the most embarrassing thing I caught my brother/sister doing, I’ll answer the most embarrassing thing one of them caught ME doing. And by my standards it’s still pretty embarrassing even though it happened decades ago.

I was a pre-adolescent girl with two older sisters. And none of us was very good at respecting the others’ boundaries. For example if one of us locked a bedroom or bathroom door, one of the other two sisters would usually just pick the lock if they wanted to come in. (The locks for our internal doors were easily picked with a bobby pin or even a Q Tip swab as I recall.) Up until that point, I had not had much interest or curiosity about my developing body and sexuality, so privacy wasn’t a really big deal to me yet (I was the youngest child).

And then…one night I went to take a bath…I was laying there in bathtub faucet the warm water, when the bathtub faucet suddenly popped off, shooting water directly into a very private place on my body. I was shocked…but I also loved the feeling that I experienced! Wow. What an awakening!

Well…the next night I went to take a bath…and I discovered that one of my sisters or parents had re-installed the bathtub faucet. I was disappointed, until I discovered that I could unscrew it and re-create the experience, on purpose this time. After completing my bath, I didn’t bother to re-install the faucet for some reason. I guess it never occurred to me to try to cover my tracks.

I admit, I was definitely more interested in bathing all that week than I usually was.

Anyway, one night a week or two later, after repeating this ritual every time I took a bath, I had just gotten into the water and removed the faucet and was, um, enjoying myself…when I opened my eyes to discover my older sister staring at me with a shocked expression! She had picked the lock on the door and come in to the bathroom and had seen what I was doing.

This particular sister had always been especially cruel about teasing me wheneverBathroom Faucets Manufacturers she “had something on me”. But in this case, she just turned around and ran out of the bathroom and never mentioned what she had witnessed me doing. For some reason, that was even worse to me—like it was so shameful that she couldn’t even use it to torment me!

I admit, I stopped playing with the bathroom faucet after that. I learned other ways.