I have a constant temperature shower in the bathroom, because the bath is too comfortable.

Release time:14-07-2018

First, the constant temperature shower has the advantag […]

First, the constant temperature shower has the advantages?

1, constant temperature, temperature adjustment is convenient. At the mixing outlet of the thermostatic faucet, a heat sensitive temperature element is installed. When a certain temperature is set, the proportion of the entered hot and cold water is automatically adjusted so that the outlet water temperature is always kept constant. And once set, every time you open it is a temperature.2. Safe. The constant temperature shower has the function of automatic protection of water supply disconnection. If the cold water or hot water supply pipeline stops water due to failure, it will automatically stop working, which can effectively prevent burns and cold shock. Moreover, the maximum temperature of the set temperature is within 2 degrees, so it is safe and secure to use, and is suitable for families with elderly people and children.3. Save water and save time. It saves time for opening hot water such as faucets and adjusting temperature. Of course, it is more water-saving, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Second, the constant temperature shower has flaws? Is my home suitable for loading?

1. If you are using an electric water heater, you need to set the temperature of the electric water heater to a higher level to ensure that the thermostatic faucet does not get too cold.

2. If the gas water heater is used, if the fire is unstable, the flow rate and temperature of the hot water will be insufficient, so it is necessary to adjust the water heater to a large fire and a large flow.

3. The requirements for water quality are very high, because the inside of the thermostatic faucet is very precise. If there are too many impurities in the water, the thermostatic control valve may be blocked for a long time, which affects the temperature regulation.

4. Due to technical problems, the valve core of paraffin wax is used in China at present. This kind of valve core reflects relatively slow, especially the brand valve core whose quality cannot be guaranteed is very easy to cause problems.

Five, the drainage method of the toilet installation size

There are two ways of draining the toilet: lower drainage and rear drainage. Before buying a toilet, be sure to find out how the bathroom is drained. Determine the installation size according to the different drainage methods. The lower drainage should measure the distance from the center of the toilet drain to the wall. The rear drainage should measure the distance from the center of the toilet drain to the ground. Select a suitable size toilet to install.

6. Recognize the water saving sign Buy water-saving products

At present, Sanitary and Clean have passed the water-saving certification, and there are also national famous brand products, consumers can rest assured to buy. At the same time, it is also necessary to recognize the model number of the product. Not all models of the same brand have passed the relevant certification. At the same time, the installation of the toilet also has certain requirements, which should be installed by professional installers.

7. Installation and commissioning of attached mechanical equipment

For sanitary equipment with mechanical equipment such as jacuzzi generators, sensors for induction urinals, etc., it is necessary to start several times, listen to the sound of the engine, observe whether there is any hot or vibration, and it is best to ask the professional of the manufacturer. The technician is responsible for installation and commissioning.