Shower accessories shower shape size selection

Release time:28-03-2019

The shower is commonly known as the "rainhead" and look […]

The shower is commonly known as the "rainhead" and looks like a lotus flower. Showers are the tools we use every day, with shower showers and showers. Sometimes, for example, when the water in the solar water heater is not enough to bathe, we want to make the water flow of the shower smaller, but the flow of the shower is large. How to solve this problem?
Adjust the water heater inlet valve:

If it is a gas water heater, the inlet valve can adjust the amount of water, as long as the inlet valve is reduced, the water intake is less, and the water is less. Of course, this requires the water heater to work even when the water volume is small. Some constant temperature water heaters are very good, and a small amount of water will not turn off.Shower Accessories Suppliers
Adjust the angle valve of the shower:

Adjust the angle valve that controls the shower. If it is raised, the amount of water will increase. When it is lowered, the amount of water will be smaller.
Adjust the water temperature knob of the mechanical gas water heater:

Some old-fashioned mechanical water heaters rotate and adjust the temperature of the water. When the water temperature is raised, the amount of water is reduced, and the amount of water from the shower is reduced.
Adjust the shower lever:

Adjust the water lever's mode and water flow by adjusting the lever itself. - This method does not feel so obvious.
Buy a shower with adjustable water:

According to the actual demand for water to purchase the corresponding shower, there are showers with adjustable water volume in the market. There are several water outlet modes, and the water output can be adjusted greatly, but the price is more expensive.
Dismantle the wire mesh inside the shower:

There is a layer of steel mesh inside the shower. After long-term use, there will be a lot of pollution on the Internet, and the water flow will also become smaller. If the water flow is too small, you can remove the flowers and sprinkle it, wash it, and remove the shower. Some of them can be removed by rotating the car counterclockwise. Some have a plastic cover in the middle. You can see the screw when you remove the cover. The screwdriver can be removed by unscrewing it.
Showers come in all sorts, but the principles are the same.