Top Tips to Choose the Shower Tile

Release time:23-03-2019

Are you planning to install a designer shower panel int […]

Are you planning to install a designer shower panel into your bathroom? The shower panels nowadays come in a myriad of design and functional options that could play a major role in accentuating the bathroom décor. However, the thing that enhances the look of the shower panels is the presence of designer tiles on the shower boards.

If you are looking forward to install some classic tiles on the shower board, then here are some tips for the same:
Make Use of Smaller Tiles on Curves: You might need to install smaller tiles on the curves depending on the design of the shower bench. The smaller tiles tend to manage the curves quite easily. You can order the tile on the site before the designing of the shower bench as this would help in the working out of the natural curves of the same.
Think About the Overall Feel: Before installing tiles on the areas around the shower panels, you must visualize the overall look of the same. You can go for the installation China Bathroom Faucets Suppliersof a seating bench beside the shower board to have a heavenly feel in your bathroom. While installing tiles on the same, you must look out for smoother and curved tiles that do not appear hard on your body.
Be Cautious While Selecting Mosaic Tile: You must select the mosaic tile for the shower panels that offer a close contact from the tile to the shower board. This would make them last for long and you would not have to worry about the re-tiling factor again for a long time. During the installation of the mosaic tiles, you should go for professional help to achieve the seamless look of the shower boards.
Make Use of Small-Colored Glass Tiles: In case you are going for the installation of the glass tiles on the shower boards, then you should opt for the small-colored glass tiles in comparison to the larger glass tiles. Glass tiles can be tricky to work with. Some of the glass tiles can reflect trapped moisture in them that could degrade the overall look of the designer glass panels. Therefore, you could go for the smaller glass tiles wherein the trapped moisture is not visible. Several glass tiles come with directional arrows such that they can be installed along the same orientation with much ease.
Consider Universal Design: You can go for picking a large-format tile design for the shower panel area. This can be coupled with a one-slope design to get easy access to the shower and would ensure great durability. The use of one big tile across the whole shower board would also make the shower panel area appear much larger and spacious.
Keep the Cleaning Factor in Mind: If you have a hectic schedule and you are not able to snatch out time for cleaning the shower panels quite frequently, then you should make use of large slabs or glass shower panels. These offer the ease of cleaning and maintaining the shower area. In addition to this, the larger glass tiles on the shower panels also make the bathroom appear larger.