What accessories can not be ignored in the shower?

Release time:07-03-2019

Shower room serves as the important link of wet and dry […]

Shower room serves as the important link of wet and dry separation of the bathroom, suggest had better be in before laying ceramic tile to need to choose glass fitting hardware.

The most important thing to keep in the water is the ability to block water, which depends on the material and the process. KEZE, for example, USES artificial marble as the raw material, so that it has the texture, toughness and hardness of natural marble, while avoiding the problem of joint of natural marble. In the process, this kind of material has the shower accessoriesability to realize one body shape, no matter arc type, square type does not need to join together, nature does not have leakage trouble.

At the same time, considering the different home decoration style, the shower stall has prepared a variety of options. Modern and classic two styles, white and gray two kinds of color, 60mm and 100mm two kinds of height and one font, square type, diamond type and so on many kinds of shapes, to go together.

Floor drain

Also can't small see floor drain, the displacement of shower room is big, notChina Bathtub Faucets Manufacturers only must ensure the drainage is smooth, had better still can have the function such as anti-return flavor, prevent return water, insect repellent, prevent clog.

KEZE stainless steel floor drain is not only can comprehensive consideration of various demand, the provision of 900 mm and 600 mm size two choices, even provide classical and modern design on two kinds of pattern, the beauty of the detail place is none careless also.