What is the best Shower Panels?

Release time:14-03-2019

I couldn’t tell you as I have never bought one or even […]

I couldn’t tell you as I have never bought one or even used one. However I will suggest you steer clear of the big-box bottom dollar stores. Their products may look the same but their cheaper price is often dictated by the “seller” telling the manufacturer what they are going to sell them for and what they will pay for them. The manufacturer needs to meet those numbers and the quality drops. Or they buy “knock offs” from cheaper sources. With some things it may not make that much of a difference but you are dealing with water here and you really don’t want to risk springing a leak, particularly behind the wall where you may not find out about it for awhile.

A few suggestions;

1-When I want to buy something I often go to AmazonChina Bathroom Faucets Suppliers to look up the products, primarily because they are very transparent on their reviews, both good and bad (they don’t hide the negative feedback at the bottom or not publish it at all). If it has a lot of positive reviews and I can find it locally I will usually try and buy it from a store so I can look at it first and if for some reason I do have to return it I don’t have to mess around with mailing it back and trying to reorder, I can just drive back to the store and exchange it…really important if you have your plumbing ripped apart.

2-You are looking at something that will probably be used everyday, even several times a day (depending on how many people are in the house). It pays to spend a little more and go with something of a better quality so it lasts.

3-At the same time watch out for going overboard getting something with all the bells and whistles because just like we are finding out about cars that come with all the fancy gadgets the more there is the more there is to go wrong and the more expensive it gets to fix.