Why aren't all bathroom brands doing black faucets?

Release time:11-04-2019

The black faucet has only become popular in the past tw […]

The black faucet has only become popular in the past two years. Now the mainstream black faucet is generally matt black. It is made of lacquer black on the basis of chrome plating. It is used to match some decoration styles and is very good looking. In addition to black lacquer, there are black bronze, brown bronze, ORB and other surface treatment processes, these processes are also black, but not pure black, with some differences between black and black. As for why the major brands don't make black faucets, I think the first thing is that it has only started in less than two years. The products are started at the foreign trade factory on our side. The big brands have some lags in time. In a period of time, I can see it in the brand store. In fact, some domestic famous brands have already made OEM orders. If you want to find a black faucet, you can check it out in my public number. I have been doing this for more than a year, and most of them are foreign trade products.bathroom faucet
From the technical point of view, the black faucet's baking process is not up to the national standard, and it is unable to reach the internal control standard of the mainstream slap brand, so it is not easy to introduce. From the perspective of product demand, mainstream bathroom brands do not think that black will be the mainstream of sales, and think that the mainstream is still chrome. A lot of Taobao is because Taobao has no quality requirements, and black can form personality differences. From the picture point of view, it is very Nordic. From the point of view of personal use, it is still not recommended for black, not tolerant, and also dirty. Chrome is classic and easy to use.